Jerry Novack

Jerry Novack is the Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) of Bluerock Real Estate, a national real estate investment firm with corporate offices located in Manhattan. A private equity real estate asset manager, Bluerock focuses on Core-Plus, Value-Add, Opportunistic and Development investment strategies. Since forming in 2002, Bluerock has conducted over 9 million square feet of residential and commercial real estate acquisitions.

Jerry Novack joined the firm back in 2004 and for the last decade has contributed invaluable expertise in the area of public and private financings, operations, and management. As SEVP, Novack specializes in start-ups and turnarounds with extensive business development experience in diverse industries including real estate, restaurant management and retail.

Jerry Novack is an integral part of Bluerock Real Estate’s success. He’s also an expert in a wide array of fields including mergers and acquisitions, human capital strategies, and residential real estate management. Jerry has been working with and for people his entire life, and now hopes to serve as a mentor and educator for the next generation of CEOs who will change the world.

Jerry Novack obtained his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Brooklyn College, City University of New York.

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